New York Times falls into a tunnel vision trap

Jacob Nielsen recently wrote about tunnel vision and selective attention. Content presented outside of user's path can become invisible. New York Times fell into the tunnel vision trap. Today I went to take a look at the slideshows. Controls to navigate slideshow carousel don't work, links don't work. Hmm, that is strange. Later I find a note underneath saying "Wait, this is just getting interesting". Oh, it actually means I need to buy a subscription to view more articles.
There are a couple of design drawbacks
  1. Subscription information looks like an advertisement (big screaming letters); users ignore content that looks like an advertisement.
  2. Subscription information is outside of vision tunnel;  users' goal is to view the slideshow so they look at the pictures and controls right next to the pictures but subscription information is separated by a big image. 
  3. Subscription headline may sound catchy but it doesn't relate to users. "Wait, this is just getting interesting" doesn't say anything about required subscription.

Current design

Option to redesign the page